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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  October 9, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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too. >> we don't know what those other cycles were caused by in the past. it could be dinosaur flaj lens or who knows. but we do know the co 2 in the past had its time when it was greater as well. >> who knows? maybe it was dinosaur farts. we don't know. today the nobel prize committee awarded prices in science and physics. tomorrow they'll award chemistry. now it is time for the "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. tonight, mitt romney is trying to teach republicans who don't believe in evolution to believe in the evolution of mitt
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romney. >> president obama and mitt romney are heading back to ohio. >> ohio. >> ohio. >> ohio. >> the state that may yet decide this election. >> no republican has won the presidency. >> a republican has not won the presidency without ohio. >> i need your help to do that. >> do you think the republicans smell blood in ohio. >> there's a lot of attention being paid to the campaign these days. >> there's a good reason for that. >> he's willing to say anything, romney. >> he'll say anything. >> anything. >> i'm going to cut back on regulation, i'm going to put a cap on regulates. >> we're not going to get rid of for examplulation. >> that is not leadership, that's salesmanship. >> when the storms clouds clear, which romney will voters remember. >> there's a lot of attention being paid for the campaign these days. >> it's a close race. >> this journey is going to be hard. >> everybody is ready to throw up their hands in fear. >> melt down, reflection point. >> the race for president getting turned upside down. >> over a windfall of new
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polling. >> we're seeing polls all over the place. >> mitt romney got a debate bounce. >> we cannot turn back now. >> the narrative about who's up, who's down in this race for the white house. >> it's a race that is anything but settled. >> there will be plenty of ups and downs over the next 28 days. >> just 28 days until election. >> are you in? are you ready for this? 28 days. are you with me? tonight with 28 days until the presidential election, the head of the evolution-denying party got this question about evolution. >> that 47% comment that you made that's caused you a lot of grieve as you know. there's been a change in wrur position. you were initially saying when that tape came out that you weren't exactly elegantly stating your position.
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later and more recently you said you were completely wrong. i'm curious, governor, how did that evolution in your thinking go on from the initial reaction once that tape came out to what you said the other day that you were completely wrong? >> well, what i'm saying is that -- the words that came out were not what i meant. what was stated in the tape was not referring to what kind of president i'd be. >> so there's a presidential candidate claiming that what he says about 47% of the american people and what he thinks about them have nothing to do with what kind of president he will be. well, maybe we should check exactly what he said about those people on that secretly recorded tape. >> these are people who pay no income tax. 47% of people pay no income tax. so our message of low taxes doesn't connect. he'll be out there talking for tax cuts of the rich. so my job is not to worry about
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those people. i'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. >> so my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. krystal ball, i don't know. that sounds to me like it's a description of how he would be as president. so my job is not to worry about those people? >> well, he may have contempt for you, but that doesn't mean he's going to act like he has contempt for you when he's president. obviously, when he was in that particular room, he was telling the people in that room that that's exactly who he would be as president. and i think what we see from mitt romney is who he is and what he says is all dependent on the expediencies of the moment. if we had a president romney, he would mostly be held hostage by a republican congress who was pushing him to the right. that is the sort of president he
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would be. and as that sort of president, this 47% line has been the mantra of the tea party. he could not walk it back at first because it would have led to an outcry from the base. that is exactly the kind of president he would be. >> ari, the way romney can manage that kind of answer on television is long as wolf blitzer doesn't run the tape of what he actually said. >> right. if you just heard the response from mitt romney there that you just played and you didn't know the history -- >> perfectly reasonable response. as long as you don't know what he actually said. >> right. and it goes back to something you've said before in this coverage, which is he looked more at ease, more natural, and more himself bantering about those sort of received wisdoms that have so much currency among the right wing and among the 1%. he looked comfortable and he was giving an elaborate and detailed view of what's wrong with people who are in the lower brackets. that was his view.
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>> let's listen to michelle obama talking about undecided voters. >> when you're running into folks who are deciding who will keep america moving forward for four more years, here's what i want you to tell them. just a few things. i want you to tell them about the millions of jobs barrack has created. tell them about the millions of lives that will be changed because of health reform. tell them about how barrack ended the war in iraq. tell them how together we took out osama bin laden. tell them about the brave service members who will never again have to lie about who they are to serve the country they love. i could go on and on and on. but here's what i really want you to tell them. tell them that barack obama knows the american dream because
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he's lived it. >> krystal, she could go on and on, and i think she is going to go on and on on this campaign trail. >> she is fantastic. and i think that last line about the american dream is so salient. and it's the thing that the president has really done most effectively in this campaign. it is of course a campaign about the economy. everyone says it's about the economy, but even more than that, it is about the future of the american dream. it's about the future of the middle class. and that's very strong ground for this president. people believe that he is fighting for the middle class in a way that they do not trust mitt romney to do. >> can i put forward a theory? >> that is why you're here. >> there has been so much panic since the last debate and i think michelle obama has a better view of this race than some of the pundits. andrew sullivan all by declared this thing over and he's a obama supporter. >> i believe it says here the election is november 6th. >> i've heard that, too.
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>> and there's a theory there that michelle is operating on. and the theory is that people are still listening and organizing on the ground involves telling people about the president's record to win. and if you look at the debate numbers, the most important one i think has been glossed over. when you ask independents about the debate, 70% said romney did better. that's a huge margin. but when you ask independents who do they like better? no change since the debate. all the indianas did think romney did better. but they are still listening and michelle obama is saying to everyone essentially, get out there and talk to these people and don't worry about all this anger and excitement and panic instead. >> in virginia today michelle obama did a reach back into the debate, into mitt romney's pbs moment in the debate. let's listen to that. >> we believe in keeping our priorities straight. that we all know good and well
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that cutting sesame street is no way to balance a budget. >> krystal, that's the first mother talking. >> yes. you know, the conservatives are poking fun at the obama campaign. they're whining about the use of this talking point because i think what people took away from the debate were two things. that the president didn't do very well and big bird. those were the two big take aways. it was a long, technical, boring debate. it was the only line that really stood out and frankly it makes sense to use as an emblem of how mitt romney will not give any reasonable specifics about his plan. if you are giving a $5 trillion tax cut, how are you going to pay for it? and the only two things he could name in that debate were repealing obama care and cutting funding for pbs and big bird. >> he was on cnn tonight and he was asked about the specifics of the tax cuts, so i'm sure he must have -- let's just see. >> well, i'm not going to layout a piece of legislation here because i intend to work
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together with republicans and democrats in congress. >> oh, okay. so, he's prepared to layout half a piece of legislation which is i will cut all tax rates by 20%. there's another half of the legislation which i must not speak of. >> right. >> then why mention that other half? why mention the 20% half if you can't mention the deductions half? we have never seen this in a campaign proposal before. >> i think he thinks that this will still be a referendum election. one could oorg u that the debate proved part of his point. big bird speaks to the total of their budget talk because they can't point to anything significant that they would cut. but on the other hand it will be up to a lot of the debates in the future, especially joe biden to get out there and say this is
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what paul ryan stands for. you cut a third out of medicaid, you're putting a lot of families and elderly people out on the street. that is not rhetoric. that is how bad it would be. you have to demonstrate that. you might say it's bigger than big bird. >> and let's remember that after this debate, mitt romney is still on the losing side politically of the medicare issue which the obama campaign knows and they've got a new ad about that now. let's watch that. >> victims. dependent. that's what mitt romney called 47% of americans, including people on medicare. and what about his plan for you? romney would replace guaranteed benefits with a voucher system. seniors could pay $6,000 more a year. a plan aarp says would undermine medicare. you're no victim. you earned your benefits. don't let mitt romney take them away. >> well, krystal, that's what happens with someone who says my job is not to care about those people. >> it's devastating.
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and as we've seen from romney's many responses, there really is no response to that video. because it's such a clear window into the way that he actually views the world. and into the way that he actually intends to govern. so you can say i'm sorry, you can say i was completely wrong. you can reiterate what he said in the video which is the strategy to start with, but there's no taking them back because people feel they've got a window into your soul. >> thank you for joining me tonight. >> thanks lawrence. >> coming up. ohio, ohio, ohio. it is all about ohio. richard wolf and former ohio governor ted strictland will join me next. and in the rewrite tonight if mitt romney denounces todd akin for talking about legitimate rape, why doesn't he denounce the republican who uses the bible to justify slavery? that's coming up. [ male announcer ] feeling like a shadow of your former self?
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>> ohio, i'm asking you for your vote. and if you're willing to stand with me and work with me, knock on some dors and make some phone calls for me, we'll win franklin county again. we'll wib ohio again. we'll win this election again. we'll finish what we started. >> that was president obama's argument to voters on the last day of voter registration in ohio. ohio is a must-win state for mitt romney as you have heard countless times. no republican has won the presidency without winning ohio. and for mitt romney today it's all about 47%. a new cnn poll shows president obama leading mitt romney among likely voters in ohio, 51% to 47%. president obama invoked a different 47% campaigning in ohio tonight. >> you know, it's interesting. in 2008, 47% of the country
7:18 pm
didn't vote for me. but on the night of the election i said to those americans, i may not have won your vote, but i hear your voices. i need your help. i'll be your president, too. >> the president also offered this reminder to ohio voters about jobs. >> ohio, when governor romney said we should let the auto industry go bankrupt, we said no. we're not going to take your advice. don't boo, vote. and we invented a dying auto industry. that supports one in eight ohio jobs and has come roaring back to the top of the world. >> joining me now are richard wolfe, vice president and executive editor of and former ohio governor ted
7:19 pm
strikland. governor strickland, what do ohio voters want to hear from vice president biden in this debate this week? >> i think we want vice president biden to hang paul ryan budget around his and governor romney's neck. that budget is terrible for the working middle class in this country. it voucherizes medicare, it slass medicaid, it cuts pell grants, it gives tax cuts to really really rich people. mitt romney called it a marvelus budget. i want the vice president to take that budget and literally drape it around paul ryan's neck. >> richard wolfe, there has been information in the polls this week that romney's campaign was going the other way. but when you look at the way
7:20 pm
it's lining up, it looks like very little movement. >> if history is any press tant, he's got fall bounce, now the debate is turning not towards the performance of the theatrics, but to the actual policies. what these presidents would look like. when you look at ohio, you're not just talking about any battle ground state. you're talking about a strongly manufacturing based economy that has done well. where the unemployment rate is below the national average, and the economic trend through this whole country is per septemberbly moving towards a stronger and stronger recovery. that's what we've seen in the unemployment rate, in consumer confidence and no matter what the ups and downs of polls are. the economic trend line is a powerful force in a state of ohio. >> governor, i want to
7:21 pm
concentrate on ohio tonight, because until someone can show a credible path to the white house for mitt romney, i think ohio is where we have to concentrate. unemployment there is at 7.2%. that is significantly lower than the national unemployment rate. how does that number, the ohio unemployment rate, play in this election? >> well, i think it's very helpful to the president. quite frankly. and lawrence -- ohio's economy -- >> let me stop you there. it's still a high number. 7.2 is not what anyone think of as low unemployment in ohio. >> of course. but we're moving in the right direction. and you know, it's unusual for ohio to have an unemployment rate lower than the national average. >> that's right. >> let me tell you why that's happening. it's because the president rescued the american auto industry. and today, multimillion dollar
7:22 pm
investments are being made in ohio. jobs are being created. we think about 850,000 ohio jobs were saved as a result of the president's action. and mitt romney was on the other side. and ohioans, lawrence, they really understand what's going on here. and that's one of the major reasons. the other major reason, quite frankly, was the recovery act. which enabled me and other governors in other states, to keep our states from falling ever deeper into this deep recession that we confronted. and now we're coming back and all mitt romney wants to do is to take us back to the same failed bush policies that led to this recession. ohioans are common sense people. we understand who's on our side and who's on the other side. and the president has been on the side of working ohioans and
7:23 pm
working americans. that's why this new poll that came out today i think is great news. it's a post debate poll, the president is at 51%. that's very significant. >> there's more great news for the president in this poll, richard. the president among independents has a lead similar to his overall lead in ohio. 50% to 46%. but then there's this number, among ohio moderates, 68% for obama, 31% for mitt romney. are ohio moderates somehow wildly different from moderates in general in battle ground states? >> let's be clear, by the way. democrats need a super majority of moderates. there are a lot of democrats in there but there aren't as many self identified democrats as there are conservatives and republicans out there. they need to hit the vote every successful democratic president has done that. what ohio shows though, is the reasons moderates like the approach is the auto industry
7:24 pm
was -- saving the auto industry was unpopular. it was right up there with parts of wall street that no one wanted to talk about. the president took a position that moderates in retrospect can approve of. and that's what i think people look at. it's not just the debate of the moment. it's the trajectory of the last several years. that's what people are responding to. >> governor strickland, i know you're comfort for tonight for the president based on your understanding of the ohio situation. if the ohio polling starts to turn in a negative direction for president obama, would you then start to worry? >> well, of course. but the president over a period of months now has maintained a very small but a very consistent lead. and i think that's going to hold for the next 28 days. and lawrence, one of the reasons is the 47% statement. you know, the republicans like to use, you know, the holy scriptures to support their
7:25 pm
positions. >> yes, they do. >> i want to use the scripture. in the book of proverbs, it says as a man think eth in his heart, so is he. and we saw something about mitt romney's heart when he stood in front of those fat cats down in florida and talked in the most disrespectful way about working americans, veterans, students, retired folks. it was bad. it was bad. >> i will start to worry about the obama chances once ohio starts to look bad. it looks good tonight. governor ted strickland and richard wolffe. thank you for joining me tonight. >> thank you. coming up, mitt romney's etch a sketch on abortion. and on the rewrite, a politician actually does this. he uses the bible to justify slavery. and we are still patiently waiting for mitt romney to denounce that republican
7:26 pm
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mitt romney is trying to close the gender gap in the polls and so he is now trying to mislead women about his position to reproduction rights. mitt romney is now refusing to do something that john mccain
7:30 pm
and barack obama did last time around. and something that barack obama has already done this year. the president of the united states has taken the time to take questions from the nickelodeon kids but mitt romney doesn't want to do it. why is mitt afraid of the nickelodeon kids? that's coming up. [ male announcer ] the 2013 smart comes with 8 airbags, a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. ♪ doing it with a cold, just not going to happen.
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♪ planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. >> governor romney said he would get rid of planned partner hood funding. apparently this along with big bird is driving the deficits. >> in the spotlight tonight, the women's vote. mitt romney has made it clear that as president he would cut funding for planned parenthood. here's what else he said he would do as president on reproductive rights. >> i hope to appoint justices to the supreme court that will follow the law in the constitution and it would be my preference that they reverse roe v. wade and they return to the people and the elected representatives with regards to this important issue. >> today, mitt romney's etch a
7:34 pm
sketch told him to say this. there's no legislation with regards to abortion that i'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda. this, as new polling finds that mitt romney' making up some ground with women voters. last month president obama held an 18-point lead among women in a pew poll and now the candidates appear tied at 47%. he said here there's no legislation that he's contemplating. you don't have to contemplate legislation when you put in those supreme court justices who are going to over turn roe roe v. wade. >> it's the one promise that the right wing expects republicans to keep. >> george w. bush has done that. that's what they do now. >> that's what they do.
7:35 pm
and look. all republican presidents lie. they lie to the right wing evangelical base. they promise them what they're going to do is make abortion illegal across the country. they all lie. mitt romney is sort of telling the truth before the election that he's letting them know right now that hey, i'm willing to throw you under the bus. one thing they're expected to follow through on are the court nominations. one things coming up are we're not talking about the conservatives. ginsburg. maybe kennedy. but you're talking about a potentially 6-3 court in favor of over turning roe. that's serious. >> let's look at the evolution-denying party. let's look at his evolution on abortion start ng 1994. >> i believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. i have since the time that my mom took that position when she ran in 1907 as a u.s. senate
7:36 pm
candidate. >> with regards to my views with regards to protecting a woman's right to choose. i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose and i'm dedicated to honoring my word in that record. i will not change any provisions of massachusetts's pro-choice laws. >> there's mitt romney talking about a 32-year conviction that he held since his mother brought him in in 1970 where he's saying i will preserve and protect a woman ace right to choice. holding his mother's philosophy on this for 32 years and now here we are in 2012 and it's whatever the right wing wants. >> well, i think ted kennedy said it best, he is multiple choice when it comes to this issue. and i think the thij we have to make sure women understand is,
7:37 pm
he has also said in 2007 he would be delighted to sign lethization if it came to his desk that would repeal funding for abortions or repeal access to abortions. and he still says he would do away with funding for planned parenthood and he still doesn't seem to understand that these are economic issues for women. so what women need to do is listen carefully to the parsing of the language. no legislation that i'm familiar with. that's trying to fool women on the one hand and fla kate the right wing on the other. and i think we have to pay close attention to what he has said and the multiple choices he has taken on this issue and not trust him. he knows that there are women for whom this is the issue they will vote on. >> let's look at what planned parenthood has put out. >> mitt romney would turn back the clock for women. >> do i believe supreme courts
7:38 pm
should over turn yes. >> planned parenthood we're going to get rid of that. >> today millions of woman rely on planned parenthood and millions more know we should be making our personal medical decisions, not mitt romney. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the content of this advertising. because mitt romney is wrong for women's health. i also want to quickly show what meryl streep has done in an ad for the center of reprodu reproductive rights. let's take a look at that. >> we've got to do something right now. you and me, all of us. every day the proponents of our fundamental ret productive rights are passing laws to take those rights away. they're shutting down doctors and clinics across the nation. they're making it nearly impossible for millions of women to get the essential health care they need. it's time to draw the line. it's time to put the president that congress and law makers across the united states on notice. we're not going to stand for
7:39 pm
this anymore. sign the bill of reproductive rights and pass it on. >> joy reid, it's going to be tough for mitt romney to go against this type of advertising. >> if mitt romney were to win the white house, that would mean that republicans also took the senate. because it would mean that he won ohio and maybe swept in republicans in key states. it would mean that probably republicans held the house. but one other thing that a republican president can do is sign one of the pieces of legislation. >> karen finney we just have a couple of seconds but no doubt mitt romney would sign anything a republican congress would send him on abortion. >> he already said he would. and he would repeal the affordable care act that means your uterus is a preexisting condition. that will make it a preexisting
7:40 pm
a condition as a woman, meaning we will go back to paying more for our health care if mitt romney becomes president. >> karen finney gets the last word in this segment. thank you for joining us. >> mitt romney is avoiding msnbc, david letterman and now mick loadeloaden. len da in the rewrite another op sewed of the politics of religion. and why a republican thinks ab ram lincoln is a marxist and should be equated with jos josef stalin. by bright eyes
7:41 pm
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in the rewrite tonight, another episode of the politics of religion. republican style. republicans are busy pretending that bat crap krasy republican todd akin is not representative of the republican brand. but republican politicians keep popping up all over to prove that bat crap crazy is the
7:45 pm
republican brand. we showed you this crazy republican congressman from georgia last night who said this about the bible. >> it teaches us how to run our lives individually, how to run our families. how to run our churches. but it teaches us how to run all public policy and everything in society. >> big time national republicans did not feel they had to distance themselves from those crazy words about the bible teaching us how to run all of public policy and everything in society. no statements from carl rove about how he won't help that crazy guy, nothing from mitt romney about it. even though it is a statement at least as crazy as todd akin's legitimate rape belief. and the proof of how crazy that statement is comes from another
7:46 pm
crazy republican who actually believes it. loy mock. this crazy republican, according to the arkansas times, is a member of the league of the south. a group which works toward the formation of an independent southern nation. that's right. another republican secessionist. he believes that god and the bible are on his side and is that god was on the confederacy side in the civil war but for some reason, god decided to let the north win. you know, god works in mysterious ways. representative mock calls the confederate flag, quote, a symbol of jesus christ. to this republican crazy person, the most admired republican in history, abraham lincoln should
7:47 pm
be equated with, and those were his words, equated with, josef stalin, karl marx and nazi murderers. he has written these things. these are his considered opinions carefully written, not in his diary, but for the world as he knows it to see. all of these things are in past letters to the arkansas democrat gazette. ten years ago he wrote a letter to the editor, to the paper, saying that one of their guest columnists was, quote, predictably goosed stepping with the cult of lincoln. on february 27th, 2007, he
7:48 pm
proper a letter to the paper saying lincoln's second inaugural address shows what a fake this neurotic northern war criminal truly was. now, i have searched lincoln's second inaugural address today, which is short and filled with references to god and the bible and have struggled to find what a president-day bat crap crazy person could hate about it. the only possibility is in the last sentence. let us strive on to finish the work we are in to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves with all nations. that's abraham lincoln basically
7:49 pm
making a case for a veterans administration sort of program, to care for combat veterans and their widows and their fatherless children. that is pure karl marx to loy mock. on july 11, 2010, he called the 14th amendment, quote, a karl marx concept. the 14th amendment was of course enacted after the civil war in 1868, and i have searched it today for any karl marx concepts. and of course, there are none. but if you're insane, you might find one in the last line of section 4 of the amendment, which says that neither the united states nor any state shall pay, quote, any claim for the loss or emancipation of any
7:50 pm
slave. for a pro-slavery guy like representative mock, the government's refusal to pay slave owners for the emancipation of slaves was pure marxism. and yeah, he is pro-slavery. on january 8, 2009, in his letter to the editor, he said, if slavery were so god-awful, why didn't jesus or paul condemn it? and on february 15, 2003, the day after valentine's day, this valentine arrived at the arkansas democrat gazette from loy mock. no where in the holy bible have i found a word of condemnation
7:51 pm
for the operation of slavery, old or new testament. if slavery was so bad, why didn't jesus, paul or the prophets say something? and there, there is the most perfect illustration of the problems of governing by bible. because that is the one thing in all of this crazy man's letter to the newspaper that is actually true. no where in this book, nowhere in the whoholy bible is there a word of condemnation for slavery. nowhere. and that yet is another reason why this statement about the bible is so very, very wrong. >> it teaches us how to run our lives individually. how to run our families. how to run our churches.
7:52 pm
but it teaches us how to run all public policy and everything in society. >> if we allowed the bible to teach us how to run all of public policy an everything in society. we would still have slavery. people who didn't observe the sabbath would get the death penalty and all adult terers would be stoned to death. so in this episode of the politics of religion we have learned that the national republican party, the mitt romneys and the carol roves will publicly condemn a republican who says there is such a thing as legitimate rape, even though the bible as demonstrated here last night, does agree with todd akin that there is such a thing as legitimate rape. but that the carl roves and the mitt romneys will not condemn a republican who says that the most believed republican of all
7:53 pm
time, ab ram lincoln was a markist and a nzi. they will not condemn a republican who is pro-slavery, because the republican party is now the home of the very, very craziest people in the history of american politics. [ male announcer ] feeling like a shadow of your former self? c'mon, michael! get in the game! [ male announcer ] don't have the hops for hoops with your buddies? lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down. you might not just be getting older. you might have a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. millions of men, forty-five or older, may have low t. so talk to your doctor about low t. hey, michael! [ male announcer ] and step out of the shadows. hi! how are you? [ male announcer ] learn more at [ laughs ] hey!
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sesame street isn't the only children's program mitt romney has a problem with these days. mitt romney has refused to participate in this. >> halloween is one of my favorite holidays. when you were a kid, what was your favorite costume? >> these days, when i go take my girls trick or treating, they
7:57 pm
always want to be a fairy princess or, you know, a witch, but not really a scary witch. sort of a cute witch. my whole thing is you should be scary during halloween. the costume i had when i was three, as a pirate, was one of the best costumes of all time. i had a sword, a little moustache. it was outstanding. >> mine was a pirate. and sometimes when i see the way they behave in the united states senate, sometimes i wish i put my costume on and take my sword out or my dagger and get them back in line. >> that's right. mitt romney will not be participating in this year's nick news special "kids pick the president." after the special, kids can vote for tt candidate they think should be president. nick voters have correctly picked the same winner as the
7:58 pm
general election since 1992 with one exception. the nick kids incorrectly but sort of correctly picked al gore instead of george bush. he did win more votes in that election of course than george w. bush. joining me now is the host of that special, linda ellerbee. how disappointed are you? this was kind of a presidential campaign tradition. why is mitt romney afraid of your kids? >> oh, gosh. lawrence i don't think he's afraid of kids. the man has 18 grandchildren for goodness sax. >> yeah, he does. >> on the other hand, i have four grandchildren and they can be pretty scary. maybe he is afraid of kids. we never really know why. because we don't talk to the candidate. we talk to the staff and we began talking to the romney staff six months ago in april
7:59 pm
and they were very encouraging why, yes, we would want to take part of this it's a tradition and it has become one. and then something happened. we don't know what. but all of a sudden it was he can't fit it into his schedule. and that's all they would ever say. he cannot fit it into his schedule. it takes 30 minutes. >> does the romney campaign know the precedent here of how it's a tradition that candidates have been doing for a long time? >> well, yes. we've spoken to them many times and exchanged a number of e-mails. i have to correct you. sorry. one factual error and i'm afraid that it got printed yesterday and it got spread around and it is wrong. kids did not pick al gore in 2000. kids voted for george bush in 2000. the one where they missed in the last -- this started in 1988, actually. andy


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